First off if you are playing more than one table at a time, I want you to be playing it right. You need to have the right mindset for this otherwise you could lose a lot of cash very quickly. When playing multiple tables at Party Poker correctly you can increase your profits 100% or more for each table you are at and you can get an additional 100% just by using our PartyPoker Bonus Code before signing up. If played poorly you could lose more than you normally would at 1 table. So it is very important to learn how to focus and become a machine in poker (with a little brain power of course).

Turn off the TV, turn off the music, kick the girlfriend out, and focus! That's right, if you want to play a lot of tables it is going to need your full attention. If you are really considering poker to be a big portion of your income you need to start treating it like a job when you play (but of course having fun at the same time). By treating it like a job I mean you need to sit down and take things seriously, focus on your ‘work' (your hands) and not letting things distract you from your ‘work'. This is the first step and one of the most important steps to becoming a successful multi-table pro.

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Paying attention to the right things is key. Paying attention to everything is important when you are at one table, but when you are at 6 tables you need to learn what takes priority when playing. Top ranked here is your hole cards mixed with your position. When playing on many poker tables at a time you want to start playing the same hands and folding the same crappy ones.

You get yourself in a mode of what you will play, and we will play extra tight since you WILL see action since you are playing so many tables. As a general idea I suggest playing all pocket pairs and seeing the flop with them up to 4x the blind in pre-flop bets. This is known as mine setting (trying to get 3-of-a-kind on the flop) and you generally almost always win when you hit that set, and fold when you don't. Play tighter than normal since you will always be seeing action since you are playing at so many tables.

I would not recommend playing Q T off suit or K 9 off suit at all, unless you are late position and there is not much action going on. The point is you need to play tighter and pay attention to your position so you know when to let go of some of the weaker hands.

When you choose to multi-table choose your tables wisely! Try to get as much fish as possible, so sharks won't catch on that you are slightly distracted with something else. Often I will search players at a table to see how many tables they are playing at, these are the players I will generally bluff the most since they have not been paying attention to my playing style as much as they should be. By choosing to play with fish you eliminate this threat and…your playing with fish! Find a good table is key! Don't be afraid to leave if you are getting beat badly.

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